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The owner is an industry-respected equipment sales consultant and installer who is skilled and experienced at helping wash operators develop financially successful wash programs. He is experienced at modeling wash programs, advising clients, builders and subcontractors, works hands-on as well as overseeing car wash installations. Having installed dozens of wash systems over the years, we know the critical planning and operational elements behind building succesful and profitable wash programs.

Our Technicians, trained by the owner, as well as through hands-on experience, assist our clients throughout the development and upkeep of their wash businesses.
Our solution products provide customers assurance that they are using some of the best in the industry.  We carry customized solutions to make sure you are getting the best products for your individual needs. We can set you up with ongoing assistance with your wash programs and monitoring wash quality and chemical usage provided in a 2 – 5 year Chemical Maintenance Contract which is always available to our customers. This will ensure you are using the right product in the right amounts to provide you the best product and a profitable operation available for your system.
We stock all of our solutions in our warehouse, ensuring availability and prompt delivery Monday through Friday.
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